Max the Flying Sausage Dog is one of our absolute favorite book series. The subject, the humor, the prose, and illustrations are so perfectly and expertly done and so completely in line with our family’s sense of humor that we’re all enamored with books one, two, and now three.
The hardest my eldest son has ever laughed was when we read the first book of Max the Flying Sausage Dog. He was laughing so hard I had to stop reading and wait for him to calm down. He couldn’t catch his breath, started changing color, and it took several minutes for him to calm down. This didn’t just happen the first time we read it, but consistently each time we read it for months afterwards. Because he knew the plot it actually got worse and he would start laughing even before we got to the one part that had him in hysterics.
Book Three:  A Scary Tail is just as fantastic as the first two. It’s a hilarious and wonderfully indulgent story with genuine heart, wit, and wisdom.
                                                                   –The Picture Book Review

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"A beautifully written and illustrated story about catbirds that is really an allegory for life and the value of love and kindness so important for all living creatures.” –Traci Medford-Rosow, National Bestselling author of Unblinded.

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Praise for CB the Croissant Bird

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Praise for Max the Flying Sausage Dog

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William Armitage transformed my manuscript from a word document into what you see before you today. His additional edits and artistic magic designing the book cover, website, and Crystal Caves social media was a great gift. Thank you! –Candace L. Sherman, The Crystal Caves

William Armitage—my editor, who appeared in my life at the right moment, to give order to my words, aligning events to give rhythm to my story and make what had been only a dream come to print. The synchronicity of it all! Thank you for your understanding, your wisdom and experience and your ever-calm demeanor to show and guide me through the process. –Anne Winthrop Cordin, Into the Light

You have done an incredible job in every way possible. There would not be a Henry book without you. The whole process has brought great joy to me. Dotty Kirwin, For Goodness Sake–It’s Christmas!

You were a lifesaver with this project. Much thanks for your hard work and excellence. –Mike Caparrelli, Phd., Pen Your Pain Into Parables